"like eating clean, but for your hair."



Many of our suppliers are based in nations with growing economies — the majority being Brazil, Guinea, Ghana, and India. We only partner with suppliers and organizations that focus on keeping a low environmental profile, engage in fair trade practices, and promote economic development.



Each ingredient is chosen specifically with the purpose of maximizing nutrition. No fillers, synthetic preservatives, parabens, sulfates, petroleum, and many more. And, it just so happens that the more raw the natural ingredient the better it is for product performance and for your health. Learn more about our ingredients.



The beauty industry needs a makeover. We believe in bringing more women of color to the forefront by prioritizing partnerships with Black women and women of color entrepreneurs. We want Black women to feel confident when using Oemi products, to believe in the power of their true natural beauty, and know that they are making healthy choices.



Allison Kaye

Founder + CEO

In 2011 when I went natural, finding products that worked for my type 4 coils was a challenge. Most natural hair curly products were designed to work with all curl patterns, but left my hair dry, flat, or rigid. The products that did work claimed to be natural, but when looking at the ingredients they fell short. Fed up with the fake, I started making my own natural products at home, and have been perfecting my craft for over 7 years. Type 4 curlies deserve 100% natural non-toxic haircare solutions for soft, luscious curls without compromising nutrition and product purity. Our goal is to take what the food industry did for clean eating, and transform natural haircare. Let’s transform natural haircare together, and transition 2.0!



Business Development + Growth

I started transitioning to natural hair in college in 2008 once I learned about the link between the harmful chemicals in relaxers to various disorders in African American women. At first I found the world of products aimed at natural hair exciting, but I soon become overwhelmed and discouraged after learning that many of these products weren't effective for my specific curl pattern. Additionally, the marketing for many of these products felt like women who look like me were an after thought - I wanted to feel centered, important, and beautiful. I turned to using natural products and leaned heavily into protective styling. When I first started using Oemi products to keep my natural hair moisturized underneath my crochet braids and twists, it felt like a lightbulb went off. I truly believe in the products and I'm thrilled to use my deep digital marketing experience to help other women who care about clean living but don't want to compromise on style discover it for themselves.



Marketing + Customer Engagement

I transitioned in 2014 with the hopes of better understanding my natural hair and accepting my natural beauty. Since then, I’ve struggled to identify the right products to properly moisturize my 4C hair. I realized I had been depriving my hair of a key and free ingredient: water. When Allison told me about Oemi, I was excited to try the products and even more intrigued by Transition 2.0. I’m ready to learn more about what my natural hair naturally needs. My role is to make sure that we keep a close pulse on what our customers need and to keep us rooted in our community. 



Social Media Manager

I did my first big chop in 2016, after transitioning for only about 5 months. I started with a bright red TWA and like every other "first-time" natural, I obsessed over my growth and hair texture. I hoarded products and put everything but the kitchen sink in my hair. After two and a half years of growth and acquiring a large fro, I wanted to experiment more with my hair. I tested out different colors, cuts, and even went as short as a brush cut in 2019. After a lot of hair fun, I decided to grow out my hair again, on a mission to find the right products for my type 4 hair. I want to be picky about what my hair consumes and what brands I choose to support. Bringing me to Oemi, to support other passionate Black women with similar journeys! With a background in public relations and communications, my role is to build and execute social media strategies that drive engagement and highlight the brand's mission!