If you’ve struggled with dry brittle strands, this post is for you. We’ve put together 4 tips to softer strands through nature’s most moisturizing ingredient.


Sometimes our hair and skin are dry because we aren’t giving the body enough fluid. You want to moisturize from the inside so that your organs can work to their fullest capacity giving you more energy, your liver in particular can do its work of cleansing the body of impurities, and your skin can thrive as your body’s largest organ. Did you know that water consumption is also directly linked to the health of your hair? Think of your hair as a plant: healthy and moisturized skin also includes your scalp. And, a healthy scalp means stuff like less dandruff, itch, you get the picture. H20 breeds more stimulated nerve endings that lead to less brittle and dry hair supplying the roots with more moisture to grow longer and stronger.

There are many differing opinions on how much water you need to drink each day. Some say drink a number of oz based on your total body weight (there are formula tools online to tell you your custom amount), others say 64 oz is enough. But, we’ve been aiming to drink 1 gallon of water each day! Keep in mind that your other fluids do count, but if you can, go for it! After all, rumor has it that both Beyonce and J.Lo drink a gallon each day… :)


We won’t belabor this point since there is a post on the importance of deep conditioning. But, in short — don’t skip this critical step on wash day! Unlike regular conditioners, deep conditioning is meant to penetrate the hair shaft and reap nourishing benefits to improve the hair’s elasticity (moisture conditioners) or strength (protein conditioners). We recommend applying to clean, wet, finger detangled hair in the shower, putting a conditioning cap on and sitting under heat for at least 30 mins. Think about it, your hair is saturated with water at this time — at peak moisture levels. The oils in deep conditioners help to seal in that water, and the heat opens the hair shaft to let in the water and moisture you’ve created by soaking in the shower for those 20 mins already. Is adding 30 mins a lot to ask on wash day? Yes, but, we promise your hair will thank you for it through the rest of the week.


Most naturals are in the habit of spritzing their hair with water, but we’d bet that you aren’t spraying enough. At night time, spraying in the air and letting the water fall on your head is aiight, but tonight try spraying directly on the hair perhaps at a 6-8 inch distance, ~10 times. The goal is for the hair to feel a little damp to the touch. If you hair still feels dry, you haven’t sprayed enough! Then, follow up with your favorite sealing oil. We like pure argan or moringa oils! Tie your hair with a silk or satin scarf to retain the moisture you’ve added and sealed.

You can also try spraying your hair during the day if strands feel a little dry. In fact, Allison carries around a travel size spray bottle in her bag and gives her strands a spritz, especially on winter days, to keep them moisturized after the climate controlled office.


Seeking natural ingredients and foods is something many of us strive to do — eating like a hunter gatherer, or only consuming things you could conceivably make in your own kitchen. But, did you know that many of the products we use on our skin and hair can be just as chemically processed? For example, products with silicones can artificially soften hair, leading you to believe it’s more moisturized than it actually is. The only ingredient that can truly moisturize your hair is H20. While it’s tough to get good and working products in your regimen that are each 100% natural, try and choose as many as you can without compromising that favorite style.


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