Embark on your natural hair transition 2.0

We know. Been there, done that.

For many, us included, the transition period from chemically processed hair to rocking your natural hair was full of challenges. Remember when you stayed up all night to “install” flexirods just so you could blend two textures and it took 16 hours to dry? And then when you were ready to walk out the house stuntin’ it started to rain? Well, rest assured, that’s not the transition we’re talking about here y’all.

Check out a few of our reasons for transitioning all over again.

Let’s talk clean ingredients. Why put in your hair what you wouldn’t put in your body? So many products for kinky + coily folk have ingredients that you need a chemist to decipher, and we don’t know where and how they’re sourced. By that we mean, cold-pressed oils vs. heat extraction to maximize retention of vitamins and nutrients. Excluding suppliers that use genetic modification in the growing process, and leaving out ingredients that don’t actually serve a direct purpose in nourishment.

What about hair health. As it turns out, the more natural and wholesome the ingredients, the more effective they are in feeding strands to promote healthy, growing, flourishing hair. But having kinky + coily hair can often feel like having a plant. Every day is different. You have to ask your hair if it wants water, food, or wants to be left alone.

We take the time to choose ingredient mixes that help you care for the hair’s ever changing needs. Like tea rinses that soothe the scalp or hair creams that pull and seal in moisture.

Heal the world with fair trade. Why not help promote safer business practices and economic development across the globe? A lot of our key ingredients come from far away places that are still working to raise poverty lines and increase opportunities for farmers. To name a few, the Amazonian rainforests in Brazil, the Western Ghats region of India, and Africa’s Gold Coast.

A transition 2.0 isn’t an overnight thing. For us, it certainly isn’t! You don’t have to give up your favorite leave-in, or that bomb super-hold gel you love.

But, where and when you can, challenge yourself to swap just one part of your regimen. Maybe it’s adding in a DIY aloe leaf deep conditioning step to wash day!

If anything, it can’t be worse than that transition 1.0.


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